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Mayonnaise and Salads

Mayonnaise, coleslaw, pasta and cous cous salads.


Available in 2.5, 5 and 10 litre buckets. All our mayonnaise is produced in England.

Thick and creamy light mayonnaise [5ltr, 10ltr]
Quality mayonnaise [5ltr, 10ltr]
Genuine mayonnaise [5ltr, 10ltr]
Coronation mayonnaise [2.5ltr, 10ltr]
Tikka mayonnaise [2.5ltr]
Free range mayonnaise [5ltr]
Vegan mayonnaise [0.5ltr]

Coleslaw and Salads

A range of dips and salads ideal for sandwich fillings and salads.

Coleslaw [1kg]
Cottage cheese [2kg]
Potato salad [1kg]
Sweet and sour beetroot [1kg]
Bombay potato salad [2kg]
Spicy Indian rice salad [2kg]
Spicy noodle salad [2kg]

Pasta salads

Pasta Italian salad [1kg]
Vegetable pasta salad [1.5kg]
Orzo pasta and roast tomato salad [2kg]
Mediterranean spicy pasta twirl [2kg]
Pasta & tuna salad [2kg]
Pasta bows tomato & basil [2kg]

Couscous salads

Moroccan couscous [1.5kg]
Couscous & roast vegetables [1.5kg]
Falafel (frozen) 50 per bag
Chickpea, veg & harissa dressing [1.5kg]
Pearl couscous, edamame bean honey lime [1.5kg]
Pearl couscous, quinoa bean & soy chilli [1.5kg]
Quinoa, wheatberry, grain, veg & pesto [1.5kg]
Beetroot, quinoa & honey lime [1.5kg]
Asian grain salad [2kg]

Bean salads

Provencale bean salad [2kg]
Mexican bean salad [2kg]
Green lentil and bean salad [2kg]

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