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Chicken and Duck

Tasty chicken and duck, ideal for sandwich fillings.

Cooked Chicken

All available in chilled 2.5kg packs ideal for sandwiches, baguettes and salads.

Europa diced chicken breast
Europa stripped chicken breast
Europa whole chicken fillets

Roast chicken

Roast whole chicken fillets (free flow) [1kg]
Roast stripped chicken (free flow) [1kg]

Frozen cooked chicken

Thai diced chicken breast 10/12mm
Thai stripped chicken breast 12mm
Thai whole chicken fillet breast
Thai sliced chicken breast 5mm
Roast whole fillet

Coated Chicken

Battered chicken nugget (22gm) 2.5kg
Southern fried fillets (140-160gm) 2.4kg
Southern fried goujons (30-35gm) 2kg
Southern fried goujons (45-55gm) 1kg
Breaded chicken goujons (45-55gm) 1kg
Southern fried popcorn chicken (8-10gm) 2.5kg

Marinated Chicken

Available in 1kg free flow packs. Order by 1:30pm the day before.

Piri piri chicken
Chicken tikka
Lime and coriander chicken
Cajun chicken
Chinese chicken
Italian-style chicken
Mediterranean chicken
Jamaican jerk chicken
Lemon pepper chicken
Mexican fajita chicken
Barbecue chicken
Chilli and coconut chicken


Available in 1kg frozen packs

Roasted duck pieces

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