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Tinned Goods and Canned Meats

Canned vegetables and tinned meats

Tinned goods

A range of tinned vegetables and sauces

Baked beans [420g] x 12
Baked beans [2.6kg]
Baked beans [2.6kg] x 6
Heinz baked beans [2.6kg] x 6
Chopped tomatoes [2.55kg]
Chopped tomatoes [2.55kg] x 6
Plum tomatoes [2.5kg]
Plum tomatoes [2.5kg] x 6
Plum tomatoes [400g] x 12
Sweetcorn [2.13kg]
Sweetcorn [2.13kg] x 6
Sweetcorn [340g] x 12
Pizza sauce [3kg]
Pizza sauce [3kg] x 6
Red kidney beans [2.5kg]
Red kidney beans [2.5kg] x 6
Chickpeas [2.5kg]
Chickpeas [2.5kg] x 6

Canned Meats

Ideal for slicing for use in platters, sandwiches or salads.

Brazilian corned beef [2.72kg]
Chopped pork [1.81kg]

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