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Whole truckles, sliced, grated and continental cheeses.

Grated Cheese

Available in 2kg packs, grated cheese is ideal for sandwiches, baguettes and pizzas.

Catering mild cheddar
Mild cheddar
Catering mature cheddar
Mature cheddar
Mature cheddar [1kg]
Pizza blend (70% mozzarella, 30% cheddar)
Red Leicester

Sliced cheese

Available in 1kg packs (40 slices), our ready-sliced cheeses are ideal for sandwiches and baguettes.

Mild cheddar
Mature cheddar
Smoked cheddar
Mozzarella (50 slices)

Blocks of cheese

We supply full (approx 5kg) or half (approx 2.5kg) blocks of cheese, ideal for slicing.

Mild cheddar / Mild cheddar block
Mature cheddar block / Mature cheddar - sandwich size
Longmans farmhouse mature cheddar - produced locally in Somerset
Brockmoor mature cheddar - ideal for slicing
Haystack tasty cheddar - produced locally in Somerset
Red Leicester [half block]
Tuxton & Tebbitt 1/4, 1/2 or whole Stilton first grade wheel [500gm, 1kg, 2kg]
Mexican [half moon]
Smoked cheddar [1kg]

Continental Cheeses

A selection of fine cheeses from across Europe. Ideal for sandwiches and baguettes or cheese platters.


Brie 60% [3kg round, 1kg round]
Brie brick [rectangular, ideal for slicing]
Cornish brie [1kg round]

Other cheese

Goats cheese log [1kg]
Mozzarella [1kg]
Emmentale [1.8kg]
Greek-style Feta tin [400g]
Greek-style Feta block [900g]
Halloumi [250g]
Halloumi (sliced) [1kg]
Grana Padano [1kg]
Kerrymaid Burger slices (112)

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